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Shandong Guoda Gold Co., Ltd.

Shandong Guoda Gold Co., Ltd., originated from Zhaoyuan Gold Smeltery founded in June 1984, is the first gold smeltery in China. In 1993, it was developed into a group company. In 1998, five state-owned enterprises joins together to establish Shandong Guoda Gold Smelting Co., Ltd. In 2003, it was reformed into Shandong Guoda Gold Co., Ltd. by taking in CGD company of Hong Kong. So far Guoda has total assets of 1 billion yuan, the taking area of 680,000 sq.m, 1550 employees (including 400 technicians).


Besides, Guoda has an annual capacity of 15t gold, 40t silver, 400,000t industrial sulphuric acid, 150,000t cathode copper, afterheat power generation of 50 million kWh、and achieves sales income of 2 billion yuan. Now Guoda is not only one of the biggest gold smelting enterprises in Asia, but also the one manufacturing industrial sulphuric acid and cathode copper, with complete technology, high technical content and good economic benefit.


In 2000, Guoda passed the certification of ISO9002 Quality System. So far Guoda has been awarded some honorable titles: Shandong Hi-tech Enterprise; Provincial Civilized Unit; Shandong Excellent Unit in Political Work; Shanddong Famous Brand; Shandong Contract-stressing & Promise-keeping Enterprise; China Star Enterprise in Gold Industry; Key Model Base in Resource-saving and Environment Protection; Shandong Model Unit in Recycling Economy; Yantai Star Enterprise; a member of China Sulphuric Acid Industry Association (CSAIA) and China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association; the standing director of China Gold Association.


Now Guoda has three gold smelteries and three copper smelteries, sulphuric acid manufacturing and afterheat power generation company, gold silver refinery, international trade company, mining company, etc. Besides, Guoda has advanced technological process in many aspects: direct Cyaniding, roasting cyaniding, two-stage roasting, extraction-electrowinning, tailing acid-making, afterheat power generation, spray arsenic-collection, wet gold-refining, wet copper-refining, etc. In recent years, Guoda has been awarded more than 20 provincial ministerial technical results, of which some were awarded honors: “Research and application on new process of extracting the elements without any waste from complex gold-contained mineral” ----the second prize of National Science & Technology Progress Award; “Multipurpose use of low-grade concomitant gold mine”---- key demonstration project in environment protection and energy saving; the project of State Torch Plan; “Research and application on new technique of employing arsenic-containing gold resource cleanly”---- the second prize of Shandong Science & Technology Progress Award; the first prize of China Gold Science & Technology; “Research and application on multi-element technique of concomitant gold-containing mineral”----Shandong Top 10 Science & Technology Results Award; “Multipurpose use of gold smelting afterheat”----the third prize of Science & Technology Progress Award of China Gold Association.

In 2005, Guoda’ s experience on developing recycling economy and products were recommended by National Development and Reform Commission, etc. to the fair of “Constructing energy-saving society”. Guoda was listed one of Yantai Top 50 enterprises, and Yantai municipal technical center.

In recent years, in order to make multipurpose use of resource and realize internationalized strategy, Guoda established some holding subsidiaries by cooperation with some companies of Hong Kong, Czech Safina Noble Metal Refinery, Taiwan Bingxinyou Environment Co., Ltd., Korea Renxuan Corporation, Korea Huishan Copper Mine, etc. Through years’ efforts, Guoda has formed industrial group integrating gold silver smelting, cathode copper smelting, sulphuric acid chemical, afterheat power generation, mining and deep process of noble metal top-end products, and strives to realize sales income of over 10 billion yuan by the end of the year 2010.

Shandong Guoda Gold Co., Ltd.

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